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You can apply to become a listed Secure English Language Tests (SELT) course provider with Trinity by completing the online application form.

Why offer preparation courses for Trinity SELTs?

  • Trinity provides Home Office approved SELTs
  • Trinity’s accessible exams test English at the specific level required by UKVI
  • Trinity has regular availability at its SELT centres across the UK, where candidates must take a Secure English Language Test

Note: From November 2015, only SELT qualifications can be used for settlement and citizenship applications to UKVI.

Being a listed SELT course provider with Trinity means: 

  • Inclusion in our list of SELT course providers on our website with a link to your organisation’s website
  • Professional support and resources for teaching staff
  • A licence to use our SELT course provider logo:


To become a listed SELT course provider with Trinity you will need to meet certain requirements.

You must:

  • be offering or intending to offer a preparation course for Trinity SELTs in the UK,
  • be accredited with any of the UK Government recognised bodies or subject to inspections by an Educational Oversight Body approved by the Home Office, and
  • be of good repute and support Trinity’s values. For example, Trinity may check if your institution is under investigation by a regulatory body or if the institution has been previously de-registered by Trinity.

Trinity may make spot checks to ensure continuing compliance with these requirements.


ISE Schemes of Work

GESE Schemes of Work

SELT course preparation materials 
For access to all course preparation materials and information visit SELT course preparation.

“I am an advocate of the Trinity GESE SELT for visa and citizenship purposes as the exam is straightforward, clear, natural and allows students to discuss topics which are relevant to them. Staff are extremely efficient and helpful in terms of support for both course providers and the candidates.”

Leila, EFL Course Coordinator
West London College

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