Jerry's story

Name: Jerry De Castro 
Location: United Arab Emirates
Trinity qualification: Rock & Pop Vocals

Jerry de Castro has been singing for as long as he can remember.

“I grew up in an island with no electricity in the Philippines and the only instrument available there is the guitar. I always used to go to my relatives’ houses and play and sing with them. I knew there was music in my heart because I love singing.”

Jerry has very vivid memories of his first time performing in front of a crowd.

“When I was in grade one, my teacher asked me to sing in front of the class. Of course, I was shy because I was in grade one and in front of my classmates, but because I allowed myself to do it, I think I had a breakthrough with my fear of facing the crowd.”

After school, Jerry worked as a music technician for a few years, before moving into a teaching role in Batangas. His work at the school also included training the school choir and singing in Mass on special occasions such as Christmas, Holy weeks, and feasts.

“I admit that I wasn’t capable of teaching music because I didn’t have a chance to enroll in formal studies, but because of my love of music, I religiously read books about music, understood musical signs and symbols on my own, and learned to play the church organ and keyboard.”

In 2008, Jerry moved to UAE, which is when he had his first experience of Trinity College London.

“I took my first Trinity exam in 2009 to make sure that I was confident in teaching my students. That's why it's not a problem for me to prepare my students - whether it's an initial level grade to Grade 8.”

Not long after, Jerry started working as a full-time music instructor in Starlight Music, before moving in 2021 to Golden Star Music Learning Center, Sharjah, where he has been preparing candidates for Trinity’s graded exams ever since.

“There is no better way to guide the candidates you have - effective teaching strategy will always depend on your own experience.”

Jerry told us what he appreciates about preparing for Trinity’s graded exams.

“I find the materials that Trinity provides very helpful because they tell us what training is needed. Because of these guidelines, the students are also more confident in the course, although it’s not always easy for them – it’s a high standard!”

“Trinity taught me so many things - to love music to the fullest and to dedicate myself to my mission.”

“I don’t consider working with Trinity and teaching the students as work - it's a mission for them to develop that musicianship, so that they will also become better musicians in the future.”




“Trinity taught me so many things - to love music to the fullest and to dedicate myself to my mission.”

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