Auxi's story

Name: Auxi Martinez
Location: Spain
Trinity qualification: ISE III

Auxi started studying English when she was about 12 years old. Her mother was keen for her to study English, but it took Auxi a little while to share her mum’s enthusiasm for it.

“At the beginning I really didn't like English because I didn't understand so much, so it was difficult for me, but my teacher was amazing and that made me want to learn more.”

Auxi was inspired by her teacher Roger O’Keeffe, who runs Valley Language Centre Macael.

“He was very strict, but he also tried to make learning a process of fun - he doesn't like people that don't work, so if you don't do the work every day, you are going to go out of class!”.

Before long, Auxi was getting ready to take her first English exam with Trinity College London.

“I was 13 years old when I did ISE I. felt so nervous on the morning of the exam - I just cried because I don't know how the exam was going to be – I was full of nerves!”

The nerves didn’t stop Auxi from doing well in the exam, and not long after she started working towards ISE II.

“I was only nervous for ISE I. With the other levels, I was relaxed – It’s only an exam!"

We asked Auxi why it was important for her to prove her level of English with a qualification.

“For me, it's important because this opens a lot of doors for you - I want to go to United Kingdom to work there, so I really need it on my CV.”

Auxi’s level of English has opened a lot of doors for her already.

“Thanks to my high English level, I have access to many travel grants and this gives me the chance to know a lot of people from many countries.”

“The most recent experience that I had was an EurasmusPlus program in Bulgaria.  There were only six Spanish vacancies and I got one due to my English level.”

“I think that it is an incredible experience to be able to talk with people from different cultures. That opens your mind and also you meet interesting people that can give you more opportunities. English is not only a language, English is the key to the world - the key to communication.”

“A few days ago, an American agency to which I sent my resume decided to contact me to offer me a job as a monitor at a children's camp in Toronto. They offered me three months with expenses paid and a salary in the summer, for a student like me this opportunity is incredible”

Auxi couldn’t take up this opportunity as it clashed with her studies, but she is already thinking about what to do after her exams finish.

“I think that this summer I'm going to go to work in the United States or the United Kingdom because they talk English and I want to use the language more. I want to do ISE IV too!”

“I am very proud that my level of English helps make these dreams that I have always had since I was little come true. I not only encourage everyone who has the opportunity to learn English but also to use it later because opportunities come for sure.”

“I am very proud that my level of English helps make these dreams that I have always had since I was little come true.”

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